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URGENT: Rossport Solidarity Demo in London on Monday!!

t | 13.09.2008 14:45

Rossport Solidarity Action
12 noon Monday 15th Sep
Allseas Uk offices, 7 Albemarle St, Westminster, London WIS 4HQ
Support the Mayo Hunger |Striker & demand Allseas leaves Ireland.

Allseas Uk own the pipe laying ship Solitaire that Shell has hired to lay the offshore gas pipe at Rossport Ireland. After weeks of actions trying to stop the work happening the ship finally arrived in Broadhaven bay last Tuesday. Maura Harrington, a local headteacher, immediately parked her car in front of the compound gates & went on hunger strike. The ship was within an hour of attempting to lay pipes when it found it was damaged & has now returned to Donegal for assessment. It is likely the ship will go back to Holland but Maura is staying on hunger strike until that is confirmed and the people of mayo have asked us in the UK to put pressure on Allseas to leave & not come back. Maura is a very determined woman and will not back down. If you have the time please come down to the demo/action on Mon & lend your support. The irish embassy is close by so we will visit that afterwards as is the Norwegain embassy whose state owned comany Stat oil is working in partnership with Shell in Ireland.

Please note the office address is different to that already advertised on indy/EF. The Staines add couldn't be confirmed so we're going to their registered office in Westminster.

Hopefully See you there.