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trident nuclear prottest rolls royce raynesway derby 22/9/08

peter ambler | 12.09.2008 21:34 | Climate Camp 2008 | Animal Liberation | Anti-militarism | Climate Chaos | World

hope youll join us bring musical instuments or circus acts welcome a611 derby ring road nuclear plant demo

monthly anti nuclear .demo monday 22/9/18 hope youll all come rolls royce mke parts for trident nuclear weapons 4 mass distrucction used in wars this is illegal ..any person wishing to come to this wortwhile cause are more than welcome .we need musicains circus acts .ati nuclear banners ,rools royce keep iranium titaniun and many more sustances connected with the manufacture of weapons off mass destruction .we belive also the swans on the river at rear are carrying radio active traces from cooling proccess from reactors i live a mile away .my fishponds loose oxygen through acid rain either from celanese chemical plamt or rolls royce .the area surrounding these to plants have the highest leukemia deaths in the uk .why ..its not un common for me to find wildlife dying in this ares why i myself feed all wildlife .i boast the most birds in my garde in area .then next minute they die ..defro claim it is legal for these industries to poison animals / to stop them getting in to what they produce .celanese make ciggerette tips .which help kill man any way .so why kill wildlife ..when the things they go in distroy life anyway .money money money and wealth .any person travelling .can get off the train at spondon station .1 mile away and get picked up /or even derby station . ive a 7 seater .or if travelling by car .park in my private lane out of police view ill run you down postcode de21 7bs .email .or 07727226032 pete /or contact dorothy or zeza on foe thanks pete

peter ambler
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