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Antifa Newsletter - Issue 2 - Out Now

Antifa | 09.09.2008 13:58 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | London

Issue 2 of the Antifa England newsletter 'No Pasaran!' is now out.

Issue 2 of 'No Pasaran!' contains articles on Cable Street, the BNP's 'Red, White & Blue', the 'British Paedophile Party' and more.

It can be viewed and downloaded as a ready to print pdf at

- Homepage:


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10.09.2008 12:27

What with this month's Searchlight revealing that Miss Dermented also worked as a hooker and was a lesbian, it really makes you wonder why these Nutzis bother at all.


Stoke BNP March This Saturday

10.09.2008 13:34

Hope Antifa will stop the BNP fash march in Stoke on Saturday by setting up roadblocks.

Funny how now their support is falling with Gri££in's BNP antics, (Cyclops) as the far right call him, they are returning to the old National Front tactic of marching.

As well as marching, the fash will be delivering thousands of racist leaflets, which no doubt will NOT be confiscated by the authorities.


TJs's a mole

10.09.2008 21:43

And Biera is Sid Williamson.

Plant Pot