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Police attack on Parliament Square Peace Campaign.

SteveJ | 08.09.2008 14:58 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | London

11 Police have just attacked the Parliament Square Peace Campaigners, fraudulently claiming power under s17 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE).

At about 1455hrs this afternoon, 11 police in a van and two cars (one of the cars being from the diplomatic protection group), blocked off the road between parliament and the peace campaigners in the square while the 11 criminals, apparently led by a sergeant steele, leapt into the tents despite continued protests from the campaigners that section 17 was only a power of entry for the purpose of arrest.

During the assault on the campaign, Brian Haw, Barbara Tucker and The Ninja Ant valiantly tried to prevent the continuing crimes by the police and eventually managed to force them to run away after Brian and Barbara arrested sergeant steele. steele, who appears to be the senior criminal at the scene, escaped with the aid of the other criminals and is currently unlawfully at large in the area around westminster.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of this man should 'inform the police'! (are you kidding?). He should not be approached as he is part of a much larger organised crime syndicate based at new scotland yard, and may be considered armed and dangerous, his mental capacity has not yet been fully established but his criminal intent has been established during this incident.

This form of illegal harassment will be well known to most protesters, and has continued on the Parliament Square Peace Campaigners over many years.

(Unusually, the bbc webcam recorded the incident, and more, with refreshes at 4-5 minute intervals rather than the more common 20 minute updates).

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Police return to arrest Barbara - the victimisation continues.

08.09.2008 15:38

CCTV Shots - first police attack.
CCTV Shots - first police attack.

At around 1610hrs the criminal police returned to the square, clearly not satisfied with their failed earlier attempt to incite trouble, and are now attempting to arrest Barbara Tucker.

More information will follow when possible. The cctv pics are from the earlier incident.

Incident 2 still in progress...

Barbara has been arrested, Brian is currently filming for evidence. Brian has confirmed that he was assaulted by the police trying to prevent him from filming. Barbara was arrested and handcuffed in rear cuffs, it seems for reporting the crime to other police officers (this is not a new one). Barbara's 'arresting' officer said that "i'd like to kill the c*nt, Ant" referring to The Ninja Ant while he was putting Barbara in the back of the police van. Brian has reported this to the Inspector in charge.

Brian and Ant remain in the square, but to let them get down to belgravia police station, if you can help out by coming down and lending your support and protection it would be much appreciated.

(PS correction: the earlier sergeant 'steele' was in fact sergeant seal.)

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