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Sequani demo

lynn Sawyer | 08.09.2008 13:10 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Repression

A brief summary of Saturdays events

Two hundred activists marched through Ledbury despite roads and railway tracks being badly flooded.
FIT were kept at bay by Fitwatch
Hundreds of leaflets were given out
Some locals went on the march and voiced support
There was an impromptu demo at Sequani clinical.
The Ledbury hunt was sabbed prior to the demo.
It was made clear to Sequani, police and government that imprisoning fellow activists for peaceful protest will not frighten off other activists from their duties towards animals or to the notion of a right to protest.
A Foie Gras demo' took place in Worcester
A shift change at Cargill/Sun Valley, in Hereford (a chicken abbatoir which supplies Mc Donalds) was disrupted as security refused to let workers in and they drove around aimlessly for an hour.
The notorious Bobby Roberts Circus (due to start performances tommorrow night at Hereford race course) had their posters reaaranged.
There was another demo at the gates this morning
The police have conceded (in private to various activists) that we outwitted them despite being equal in number.

There were 5 arrests with the last arrestee taken home at 22.30.

In my humble opinion all those present did a good job. The paragons of virtue who have spread poison about activists involved in the day may of course wish to show everyone how "proper" animal rights activists should be campaigning and I for one look forward to being overshadowed by their sheer brilliance. As mere mortals those of us in this area will continue to do to the best of our (admittedly mediocre) ability to do what we feel is right using tactics we are morally comfortable with.


lynn Sawyer
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