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Carnival Against Vivisection - Latest

Courtenay Rogers | 06.09.2008 13:04 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

According to the Hereford Times as of 1.20pm there were 60 protesters , the police are allowing only 15 at a time to demonstrate directly outside Sequani Ltd. The rest are being held on the grass verge opposite the train station.

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Courtenay Rogers


brief account

06.09.2008 19:55

Sounds about right. There might've been slightly more than 60 people there but it was a relatively small crowd. There was an attempt right at the start to push through police lines and go to the lab, but it failed, primarily because of small numbers but also because not everyone seemed to be up for pushing. After this we seemed to split into various smaller groups which tried to find other ways around but there were too many cops and we couldn't outmaneuver them. There were several situations where it looked like we might've got through the immediate police lines if most of the crowd had moved quickly together, but there was no real way of co-ordinating this quickly enough. And I suppose there may have been more police lines waiting beyond that.

After they managed to shepherd us back to the starting point, we (bizarrely) had the original march around town as planned. By the time we got back to the starting point again after that, no-one really had the energy to attempt another push for the lab, and it seemed unlikely to succeed because of the lack of people.

Several small groups went on to other protests in nearby towns though, respect to them, but we were knackered and headed for home.


Video of the Demo

06.09.2008 22:06