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BNP Training Kids in Weapons Use

Reposter | 06.09.2008 11:13 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

A report in a national paper reveals that the BNP has been teaching kids as young as 12 how to shoot, use knives and make other weapons at its Hitler Youth camps. They are also taught how to deal with "Marxist teachers" like National Union of Teachers members.

Hitler Youth
Hitler Youth

The Mirror reports that the first such camp was held at the controversial Red, White and Blue festival in Derbyshire last month. Mixed in with the race war training were sessions on "heritage and culture" and "nationalist politics" to make a complete fascist brainwashing package.

The lucky little hate-filled ones are then fast tracked into the party.

Now we know what the BNP mean by the RWB being a "family event". Training the SS of the future.



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