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Antifa | 06.09.2008 10:54 | Anti-racism | Sheffield


BPP Leader - Kevin Watmough
BPP Leader - Kevin Watmough

Demo Organiser - Kate Dermody
Demo Organiser - Kate Dermody

One of the vilest neo-Nazi groups in the country is planning to hold a demonstration in Leeds. The so-called ‘British Peoples Party’ (formerly the ‘White Nationalist Party’), whose leaders believe that all non-white people (along with Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and the Disabled) should be exterminated, plan to hold a demonstration against black Rap music outside HMV in Leeds city centre on Saturday October 4th.

The BPP are supporters of Adolf Hitler and have strong links to both terrorism and paedophilia. Their Goole and East Yorkshire organiser Martyn Gilleard was recently given 16 years for possession of nail bombs and plans to blow up local mosques. On his computer he also had 40,000 images of children and babies being sexually abused, tortured, and raped. The BPP are very sick people.

The BPP are led by Leeds Nazi Kevin Watmough, who runs ‘Redwatch’, a site where fascists post details of their ‘racial enemies’ and instigate attacks on them. While pretending to be ill, Watmough makes a shabby living selling swastikas and other Nazi paraphernalia to his fellow fascists.

The organiser of the BPP demo is Watmough’s girlfriend, Kate Dermody (or McDermody), a hardline Nazi who moved to Leeds from the Midlands, and has been trying to stir up racial conflict in the city ever since. Like Watmough, Dermody is a supporter of Adolf Hitler, and says she believes in “Racial Holy War.” She runs her own blog, on which she openly jokes about the Holocaust, calls the Muslim prophet Muhammad “a paedophile”, and talks about black people in the vilest possible terms.

In the 1970’s and 80’s the Nazis had a strong presence in Leeds. On Saturdays when they sold their racist newspapers in the city centre, black and Asian people, and anyone who looked or dressed differently to them, would be jostled and spat at, even assaulted. Eventually these scum were driven off the streets by antifascists, and Leeds is a much better place without their presence.

Now Dermody and Watmough, and the filth of the BPP are hoping to re-establish themselves on the streets of Leeds. This demo against black Rap music is just an excuse to publicly parade their disgusting racist politics once again. They must be stopped at all costs.

The Nazis in Leeds no longer have the strength of numbers to mount a racist demonstration in the city centre, so they are planning to bus in other Nazis from all over the country. In particular they plan to bring in paramilitary thugs from the so-called “Racial Volunteer Force” and the “Aryan Strike Force”. Like the BPP these are hardline Nazis, who believe in violent racial conflict. They have links to terrorism and to European Nazi groups.

Anyone who cares about the racial harmony of Leeds, anyone who is from an ethnic background, anyone who opposes fascism and all it stands for, should oppose this Nazi demonstration.

Let’s show Dermody and Watmough, the so-called “British Peoples Party”, and the Nazis they are bringing to our city, that Leeds will not tolerate them and their racist lies.

We are calling for an anti-racist mobilisation to oppose the fascist BPP on Saturday 4th October. Be in town that day and be prepared to oppose them. The BPP have said they will be holding their demo at HMV on Lands Lane in Leeds city centre at 2.00pm, but they may try to hold it earlier, or even move to another location.

(A PDF file to print this as a leaflet is available on the Antifa website.)



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06.09.2008 11:26

Do you have a time or a way to contact someone to get the time (and location, if it's changed)? And where's the leaflet? Can you post a direct link. I looked around the site and couldn't see it.



06.09.2008 15:24

Not in the city centre, not living between us.And it is well known where some of them live...and what they pretend to be...
Wanna come?


To Wigan Mike

06.09.2008 15:39

Do you think we really care what silly name you mugs have given yourself this week? You're still the same scum you were last week. "British Freedom Fighters"?! LOL! Give your vest a wash you grotty bastard.

Leeds Reds

Fascist misdirection

06.09.2008 15:41

The date the BPP have been advertising is October 4th as stated. Anything else is either fascist misdirection or the BPP losing their bottle.


BPP Are Worried!

06.09.2008 15:57

Well it seems the BPP are already running scared. Kate Dermody has now announced that the date for the demo has changed from Saturday October 4th to Saturday October 18th. This coincides with "the BPP congress" which is due to be held at a 'secret' location in Leeds that day. The BPP obviously feel they are going to need greater numbers. Dermody even had the cheek to suggest that we couldn't get the date right, when she first advertized the demo for the 4th and only changed it subsequent to Antifa mobilising.

Antifa England
- Homepage:

Wigan Mike's Dirty Laundry

06.09.2008 16:55

While Kate McDermody is always happy to wash the BPP's dirty laundry in public, 'Wigan Mike' who recently fell out with his "Aryan Strike Force" pal and, together with another couple of idiots, started calling himself the "British Freedom Fighters", doesn't seem to want to do his laundry at all judging from the look of that grubby vest!


A 'Foxy' in sheep's clothing

06.09.2008 19:43

We can't ALWAYS be there to give you wankers a beating Foxy. When are you going to turn out for us? There's an Antifa benefit in London the week before your demo, all publicly advertised (unlike with you cowards), why don't you turn up for that? What a coincidence that you moved your crap demo in Leeds to the same weekend as the London anarchist bookfair. You'll all be hiding behind the cops on the day like the spineless nonentities that you are.

Jack B

All mouth and hot air

07.09.2008 17:03

It's not your grammar 'foxy', you don't even have a basic knowledge of the English language.

It's possible to see EXACTLY when the date was changed by checking McDermody's 'Stormfront' posts. You're a liar and a coward Wigan Mike. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed if you turn up in Leeds. Maybe a few of us will come over to Wigan sometime and repay the compliment.

Bramley Red

Lets make this a community effort...

10.09.2008 14:11

Why don't anti-fa make flyer, highlighting the links to Hitler and child abuse...

I like Antifa, but a common criticism I hear is that they don't make effort into building a sense of self-empowered resistance in communities.

if it goes well enough, local people will do Antifas job for them.

THEN you kick the shit out of them.



11.09.2008 09:12

Mousey, flyers and posters for the counter-demo can be downloaded as jpegs from the Indymedia thread at:

As stated in all 3 current Indymedia articles on the counter-demo, flyers can be downloaded in pdf form from the Antifa website, along with a pdf for a poster. Links are:



Hope to see you there.



11.09.2008 14:06

Mousey, you mean well mate obviously, but why don't you read Indymedia posts before adding comments? The leaflets are already done FFS! How can you criticise Antifa for not doing what they have already done. Help to publicise this instead of needlessly criticizing other antifascists.


BFF Not Going

04.10.2008 16:15

Ha Ha; looks like we have partly Won:
Looks like Mikes "Aryan strike force" and "BFF" have pulled out;
leaving BPP to fight there own fight;
nice and easy fighting. see you all there.


Andi Ali - the most infamous anti fascist of the past decade?

13.10.2008 17:11

Will he be there?

mail e-mail: