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camerons vacation

Davey | 04.09.2008 07:14

camarons £21,000 holiday, with loads of burger eating fat cats

to many burgers, i think sir
to many burgers, i think sir

The article is from Ian of living legends/page3 Exclusive: Lavish holiday exposes the lie of ‘ordinary’ guy David Cameron

David Cameron changes after a swim while wife Samantha sunbathes

‘Bucket and spade’ Dave has shown his true ‘blue’ colours by holidaying on a £21,000 a week yacht, surrounded by an armada of seven boats of 74 mates and family and banqueting in the finest restaurants.

Sunbathing on a £21,000-a-week yacht, waited on by an army of staff, this is the holiday Tory leader David Cameron would prefer that you didn’t see.

Mr Cameron and his family joined 74 friends on seven traditional gulet boats for a week-long tour of the Turkish Riviera which ended yesterday.

Each of the double-masted wooden vessels with 20ft high white sails has its own personal chef, captain and two crew hands.