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RNC/USA: Video From Saint Paul Warzone

anonymous | 03.09.2008 18:17 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

media resistance


>>Hundreds of National Guard marching through streets
>>ICE agents are entering jail and pulling out arrestees with "foreign-sounding names"
>>Many houses and free spaces have been raided
>>Ghestapo-like police snatching people off streets
>>At least 280 people arrested, hundreds charged with felonies
>>Please show your support and solidarity by calling the Ramsey County Jail at 651.266.9350 and demand that all arrestees' charges are dropped and that they are all released immediately! You can also call the Ramsey County Sheriff's office at 651.487.5149 or the St. Paul Mayor's office at 651.266.8510.


Cops Attack Anti-Capitalist Bloc on Shepard Road, 9/1/08: video

Night Riot/Police Attack 9/2/08

Unarrest , Pig Attacked & Macy's smashed

Faux News: Riots Begin at the RNC in Minnesota

Photos of Direct Actions

Barricading the streets

Police Attack Crowd

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) Arrested at RNC

misc other videos found here: