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The Best of Climate Camp Radio on Dissident

Dissident Island | 29.08.2008 12:39 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Other Press | London

9pm Friday 29th of August : Dissident Island Radio Climate Camp Radio review. All the best bits from Climate Camp Radio 2008.

Go to to listen.

This next show on 29th of August is a best of edition, featuring all the
best and most relevant bits of Climate Camp Radio 2008, and will broadcast live
from the Rampart social center in London. So, sit on some grass and
keep an eye out for cops. Think about your next action and plan it with your
mates whilst eating something vegan. It's gonna be just like being at Kingsnorth, only you won't need a stop and search slip to listen.

And if you miss it live, it'll be available as a podcast too. circa 9pm 'till late.


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the show starts at 9pm...

29.08.2008 13:16