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Carnival Against Vivisection - A Call To Evidence Gathering Arms.

Carnival Against Vivisection | 24.08.2008 17:20 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation

The Carnival Against Vivisection is calling on all groups, inevitably this day could end in arrests, we needs FIT-watch, NETCU-watch, and anybody else willing to gather evidence, remember this could come in very useful if it ends up in court, it could be the difference determine somebodies freedom from a prison sentence.

As said above, this is a call out to anybody willing to simply gather evidence on the day of the carnival.

It has never been more important to have people on our side gathering the events of the day and how the unfold, with the formation of EGT and FIT and NETCU we need all the help we can get on the day.

Remember it's only a just under 2 weeks away, so make a date for it.

Let's show Sequani, FIT, NETCU, West Mercia and SOCPA what happens when the pendulum swings the other way.

Carnival Against Vivisection
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24.08.2008 21:08

The police could get a good kicking at this one so make sure you mask-up before you get close to the meeting point.


or better still

24.08.2008 23:56

don't meet at the point and join in at another point.

not worth risking getting stopped and search, or given section 12 or 14 or the police using section 60aa to take yr face mask off you.


Black bloc

25.08.2008 02:37

Anarchist groups are planning a black bloc and alreay have there own meeting point in Ledbury.

We contend that property destruction is not a violent activity unless it destroys lives or causes pain in the process. By this definition, private property - especially corporate private property - is itself infinitely more violent than any action taken against it.

Private property should be distinguished from personal property. The latter is based upon use while the former is based upon trade. The premise of personal property is that each of us has what s/he needs. The premise of private property is that each of us has something that someone else needs or wants.

In a society based on private property rights, those who are able to accrue more of what others need or want have greater power. By extension, they wield greater control over what others perceive as needs and desires, usually in the interest of increasing profit to themselves.

If you want to support us contact me.

Smash Sequani! Smash the police state!

mail e-mail:

Dont email people

25.08.2008 10:57

No need to email other groups about your intentions of the day, you risk being foiled by police.

Stick with friends and those you know! The best actions of the day will be seen by those small organised affinity groups who don't talk about their intentions over the internet!

The black bloc are not an organised group make your own plans, make history!

I would be incredibly suspicious of anyone asking to email them regarding the black bloc...

RESISTANCE! For the animals!


Black Blocs don't have organisers

25.08.2008 13:16


"There is a perception, especially among the mainstream news media, that the "Black Bloc" is an international organization of some kind. However, it is actually nothing more than a tactic used by a subset of demonstrators"

AKA: Just do it!

Anyone giving out a contact is an idiot or a cop, clearly. Its like saying you'd need to contact someone to ask or something before filming a cop, because its a FIT watch.

If anyone can't see the obviousness of this I apologise, consider the irony in relation to the issue debated in the article 'no leaders'! Its clearly a poor attempt of smearing the idea.

PC Bacon


25.08.2008 13:19

In the last sentence, was referring to the NETCU article above...

NW // Animal liberation – A movement evolving - a critical look at hierarchy

A great read :-)

PC Bacon

The police are not the enemy

25.08.2008 13:40

"The police could get a good kicking at this one.." No wonder the police take a bad attitude to the movement with posts like this. Jon, you're either an idiot or a agitator/cop yourself. Think about animal liberation not venting your anger. Buy a punch bag if you want to vent rage.


The police are not the enemy?? Animal rights, single issue and not anarchism

25.08.2008 14:50

Views like "The police are not the enemy" when all apparatus of the state are clearly the enemy
is why animal rights are viewed as lacking in solidarity in pretense of being anarchists!


The important this is do what you feel comfortable

25.08.2008 18:24

Like FITwatch, resistance can be as pacifist or confrontational as you like/want to make it. Just because others might be confronting cops, does that mean you wouldn't film the cops being violent, because others are retaliating?

If you don't like confrontation, then keep away from it, simple. Don't not come to an event because their might be violence, its like saying you wouldn't go to town if there was a fight going on (because it would be seen as encouraging violence by attending the area).

Think G8, WTO, NAFTA, RNC. Join the activists that YOU feel comfortable with. I think its important that everybody dislikes the police though, regardless of your stance. If it weren't for the police, animals wouldn't still be dying and there wouldn't be any political prisoners. We would be acting by our conscious, not by any 'property status' laws.

...and don't bother contact muppets telling you they are the latest animal liberation league and they're going to storm the lab so all you need to do is email/phone/meet with them. If the lab gets stormed, it will be because everybody planned to do so from the start, not because everyone was emailing somebody was coming up with "the plan".

Militant Antispeciesist

you should change the title dude

26.08.2008 15:00

i imagined for a minute that you were getting together a collection of weapons, ak47´s that sort of thing. got me all excited for a wee while. was imagining heading to the hills to uncover one of me stashes....alas....another day, another time.....

nobody in particular