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Latest from the boats sailing to Gaza.

Liz | 23.08.2008 09:35 | Anti-militarism | Palestine | Repression

Early yesterday morning the 43 people on 2 boats of the Free Gaza movement embarked from Cyprus, to sail to Gaza Port, a journey that would normally take 30 or so hours. They are all fine, have sent out footage of themselves from the boats, and it seems that they have not yet had any direct contact with the Israeli navy. However, at 10am today they spoke to their support team in Cyprus to issue this message:

"The electronic systems which guarantee our safety aboard the SS Free Gaza and SS Liberty have been jammed and scrambled. Both ships are flying Greek flags, and are in international waters. We are the victims of electronic piracy. We are currently in GMS P area A2 and we are relying on our satellite communications equipment to make a distress call, if needed.
We are civilians from 17 nations and are on this project to break the siege of Gaza. We are not experienced sailors. As a result, there is concern about the health and safety of the people on board should an emergency develop.
We are currently experiencing rough sea conditions, and we call on the Greek government and the international community to meet their responsibilities and protect the civilians on board our two ships in international waters."



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Isreal is breaking maritime law, all ships near vessels in distress are obliged

23.08.2008 10:40

to help by maritime law & common decency. It seems Isreal is a rogue nation, led by racist, homicidal maniacs whoes policy only encourages their ideological kindred spirits in Al Queada.
The Stern gang who formed Isreal made deals with Nazis so as to try & get enough Jews to form their plan of a "promised land", how long can Isreal last before someone pushes all the buttons in the area. Muslims & Jews must make peace now & Christians must stop stokiing the fire, stop taking us to hell!