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7 banks attacked 'no to UK Coal'

direct action news from germany | 21.08.2008 14:39 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | World

7 attacks on Deutsche Bank, Commerz Bank, Allianz AG and Dresdener Bank
Berlin 14 August 2008

A communique sent via e-mail:

"On the night of Thursday 14th August, in Berlin, we made 7 attacks on Deutsche Bank, Commerz Bank, Allianz AG and Dresdener Bank. The locks to the banks and the card-readers were glued and 'no to UK Coal' was spraypainted. Deutsche Bank is the single biggest European investor in agrofuels in Latin America - funding projects by Agrenco, ADM, Brasil Ecodiesel, Bunge, Clean Energy Brasil, Cosan and Sao Martino. Agrofuels, far from being an environmentally preferable alternative to fossil fuels, are responsible for deforestation, industrial
agriculture, increased carbon emissions and soaring food prices/starvation. Along with Allianz, Deustche Bank is also one of the biggest shareholders in UK Coal who currently plan to build 7 new coal fired power stations across the UK. Commerz Bank finances at least 3 agrofuel companies: Agrenco, Bunge and Tereos. Dresdener Bank is a subsidiary of Allianz AG. The targets chosen are both climate change and capital related. Exploitation of the environment and people by State and industry go hand in hand. They cannot be separated and both must be attacked. This attack coincides with the end of the UK Camp for Climate Action and the beginning of the Klima Camp and Anti-Racissmus Camp near Hamburg.
Social war not climate chaos!"

direct action news from germany
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