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Pipeline work stopped in Mayo

y | 21.08.2008 13:01

15 people stopped work at Glengad in Mayo. They were met by over zealous Gardai working in conjunction with Shell security.

Today at 10am, fifteen Shell to Sea activists entered the water at Glengad Beach to stop pipeline dredging work. Dinghies, surfers and swimmers surrounded the machine and stopped work.

Around three Gardai in a Garda boat began arresting the protesters and taking the boats at 10.55am. With no regard for health and safety protocols, the Gardai entered the sea to wrestle with protesters in the water. On at least one occasion they worked together with the Shell security team who grabbed one protester and held him until the Gardai reached them.

Three protesters moved onto a rock in the sea near the dredging operation. At around 11:40am work started again. The dredging machine picked up large amounts of debris from the sea bed and dumped it within inches of the protesters. Despite the clear dangers, the Gardai did not ask for the work to stop. The three were arrested at around midday.

Today’s action was part of a Shell to Sea week of action against the pipeline.

The pipe laying ship, the Solitaire, is yet to arrive in the bay so actions are likely to continue well into next week.

Come to Mayo and get involved.