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Demonstration against the BNP Event in Derbyshire : Designated Protest Point!

Tash | 20.08.2008 09:45 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

On Saturday 16th August, people gathered to protest at the BNP event there.

On Saturday 16th August, people gathered to protest at the BNP event there.

Between 15th and 17th of August, the fascist British National Party (BNP) held its annual Red, White and Blue 'festival' on a farm in Denby, Derbyshire. As in previous years this so-called 'family festival' had brought together BNP members and white supremacists from across the world to enjoy Nazi marching songs and other hate-filled antics. Up to now, the event had past off largely unremarked upon in previous years, with just a token response from the anti-fascist movement. Last year when the event was held in the same place, there was only one single protester. This time, however, local campaigners involved in Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP together with Antifa England, Lancaster Unity, Hope Not Hate and Unite Against Fascism had been mobilising and resulted in about 6 - 700 gathering for a demo in Codnor.

Derbyshire Police noted this increased activity and issued directions under Sections 12 & 14 of the Public Order Act 1986. This order curtailed the traditional rights of protest, restricting the numbers that could gather in Codnor to 700. The march route was proscribed to a distance somewhat short of the target BNP event, the 'Red, White and Blue Festival'. Fearing disorder [police said] they permitted a token number of 30 people to march past the site entrance and back again. Banners waived, sloguns shouted.

Many people were not content with this arrangement, and there was much pushing and shoving against the police line. A couple of extra vans were moved into position and another line of reinforcements drawn up. The police line held. Bob Crow and other trade union leaders addressed the crowd by megaphone

The march then proceeded back to Codnor market place were folks gathered again to listen to the obvious speeches, telling us all things that we already knew!

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Sunday Photos

20.08.2008 11:04

After the main 'anti' demos on the Saturday .... the event was still going strong on the Sunday. Armed with an OS map and compass, headed of across fields to see what I could see. Not an easy place to get to, off-road. Trying to avoid farmers in fields, police patrol;ss with dogs, and finally the festival security heavies [also with dogs]. However, after a bit of grovelling about through the mud and hedgerows, managed to get to the perimeter to take a few piccys before spotted and getting shouted at :-(. Not so informative though, but the best I could do under the circumstances. Was there for a bit listening to Griffin & Co's closing speech [applause at the end of every sentence], together with a rousing chorus of Jerusalem. About that time, an old DC9 did a couple of fly-bys, all designed for the dramatic effect no doubt.



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You people are very intolerant of people with other political views!

20.08.2008 11:01

You people are very intolerant of people with other political views. Leave the BNP alone in peace to do there own thing. They are harming nobody. If you don't agree with them then don't vote for them.

Live and let live

If we are anti-fascists then they are fascists

20.08.2008 12:11

Even the mainstream press call us anti-fascists, so they agree that BNP are fascists. Fascists are not known for their tolerance. So I think that answers Live and Let Live just fine.

Never Again!!

Official BBC sanctioned Anti-fascist

townsend ands savoy taxis

20.08.2008 15:53

hell hello hello

observant oliver

Ripley and Heanor news - read article & agressive BNP comments

20.08.2008 19:38

Ripley and Heanor news - just out:

Residents want BNP festival to stay away, 20 August 2008, By Clive Whittingham

Read comments accompanying article for BNP''s deranged personal attacks on Denby residents who spoke to press about not wanting festival next year. Not very tolerant to differences of opinion then - absolutely typical BNP behaviour. These fascists are so crazy with hate they just cannot keep their mouths closed. And at same time as loony attacks they are trying to get across green credentials - hohoho.



20.08.2008 20:31

Townend & Savoy Taxis
0191 548 1000
10 Beaumont Street, Sunderland, SR5 2JT

As they are not a hire company, then who is driving it?


Ah Mackem beat me to it

22.08.2008 08:37

I Hate the Fash

Reclaim the Swastika

30.08.2008 22:25

The Swastika is scared symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism

Why 'throw it away' or 'ban it's use' just because some Nazis stole it.

Stupid Ignorant People.


townend and savoy taxis

02.09.2008 22:21

i can tell you they are also a private hire firm but i do not know if the company hired these vans out to third parties or the company did the actual driving. if anyone knows that would be useful...

barbary coast