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Carnival Against Vivisection - Other Targets in Herefordshire!

Carnival Against Vivisection | 19.08.2008 10:55 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Globalisation | Repression

The police are sure to be out in force in Herefordshire for the Carnival Against Vivisection but Sequani cannot run without certain key suppliers in the Herefordshire area.

Actions do not have to be limited to Sequani Labs...

I'm sure the police can spare a couple of extra hundred officers to protect all of these other animal abusers in the area.

Here are a few of the most important Sequani (and HLS suppliers) in the area.

Arrowmight, ProPath and Owen Pell are within 300 metres of each other...

Sequani Clinical
New Street, Ledbury. Herefordshire, HR8 2DX
Sequani clinical take care of the human clinical trials (which have caused bad side effects in a fair few members of the public after animal trials in the past)

Arrowmight Biosciences
Campwood Road, Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Herefordshire, HR2 6JD
Develop cage systems for lab animals used by Sequani, HLS and many other vivisection labs in the UK and overseas. No CCTV. No Fences.

Baker Tilly
Elgar House, Holmer Rd, Herefordshire, HR4 9SF
Auditors for Sequani Limited, these people are integral to the running of Sequani as they have to be audited for government legislation or risk losing animal licences.

Owen Pell
Twyford Road, Rotherwas, Herefordshire, HR2 6JR
Builders and civil engineers for Sequani, they have received many demos and have still not dropped the animal abusers!

Steven C Large
1/19 The Homend, Ledbury, HR8 1BN, Tel: 01531 632413
Landscape gardener for Sequani

MYG Industrial Services
Barrs Court Industrial Estate, Station Approach, Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 1BB
Making cages for Sequani Limited

I-I-Ice Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Bircher, Danesfield Drive, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8HW

Propath UK Ltd
Willow Court, Netherwood Road. Hereford. HR2 6JU
Cut up the dead animals from Sequani in pathology tests...

Carnival Against Vivisection
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Doesn't attacking...

19.08.2008 12:45

a human trial clinic just give off the impression that anti vivisectionists are against medical experimentation and innovation full stop? I always thought the point was to oppose cruel testing on animals who have not given their consent, but to welcome the creation of new drugs if done through ethical means? You may be shooting yourself in the foot if you protest a human trial clinic, in terms of the media/public perception of the anti vivisection movement.


Loving the new website

19.08.2008 14:08

P.S Rouge

Attacking a company that a genocidal coorporation own is just pure logic. Its dismantling their financial support whilst raising the issue that animal mutilating drugs mean nothing, and that the human trials are the real thing!

If the volunteers knew how dangerous the experiments are, would they all volunteer?

Militant Antispeciesist
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Correction to website

19.08.2008 14:24

> Event Information
Routes to take

(It's the wrong comment you got as a link at the moment)

Fucking ace website !

Antispeciesist Action
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19.08.2008 22:58

it's NOT "raising the issue that animal mutilating drugs mean nothing, and that the human trials are the real thing", is it? To the layman, all we're doing is attacking everyone who's developing new drugs/etc. The oft-used argument "how would you feel if your mother needed a cancer drug" gains a lot more credibility if we are seen to be opposing testing of new drugs per se, rather than just animal testing. Where non-animal testing methods are used by companies that also use animal testing methods, we have to find ways of working WITHOUT looking like crazies or primitivists - otherwise, we lose the scientific debate by default.


Rogue Has A Point

21.08.2008 13:06

Alot of the residents of Ledbury are more than happy to be tested on. Most of my friends parents have done it at one point or another with no great ill effects. I was part of flavour trials as a child it never did me any harm. It adds a much needed income to mothers that can't work or find sutible part time work in such a small town. You will win no points with the town by protesting against human trials.
Please remember what a sleepy town this is and that many of the residents are elderly. As much as I agree with your cause this is far out weighed by my want to protect my home town and its residents.

Ledbury Lover

You're missing the point

21.08.2008 15:00

People would be protesting against the human trials being unsafe BECAUSE they were proven "safe enough" after mutilating animals with commercial products. The anti-vivisection movement has nothing against the method of human trials, only those that are orchestrated by murderous companies that have no regard for human life. This will become obvious after a bit of megaphone time, surely.

Militant Antispeciesist


21.08.2008 16:07

I hope that it is heard that way. Just hope that what this means to the town is considered rather than just the animals other wise you won't win anyone there over. I just can't help but think that people will take what they want from the protest and most Ledburyians will just see it as a massive inconvinence rather than anything else. They will end up hating the protesters more than the animal killers.

Ledbury Lover

But then again

21.08.2008 22:16

Whats so bad about the people of Ledbury ending up hating the protesters? The town of Codney ended up despising Antifa, which made nobody want the BNP "festival" to return. I imagine because Hoo villagers were excessively repressed by Kent Police, it resulted in many concerned individuals researching into climate change and the current wave state of government-corporate repression.

It might just make people not want the "research" lab in their town; disruption creates debate.



22.08.2008 10:47

I hope the protest has the desired affect but after living in Ledbury all my life I just can't help but think you will be knocking your head against a brickwall with the residents here. You'd be better talking one on one to people than causing them massive disruption. This is also a hunting town that would rather suport the hunt than animal rights. I feel ashamed to say this but its true.

Ledbury Lover

Not forgetting

22.08.2008 13:11

Disruption also creates financial losses! Sequani's falling apart, anybody can see that, it's been on it's way way out for decades. They've lied numerous occasions trying to and cover it all up.

For example they 'said' they were going into non-animal based research, then Operation Tornado came instead; trying to silence protesters with prison sentences and scare tactics.

Didn't work though, only showed how desperate these little labs are getting financially. Sequani need money badly, this could be the last stone needed to throw at them...