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Invitation to Roma solidarity demo on 19 September 2008, in Manchester

Anarchist Federation | 19.08.2008 10:15 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | World

Join the Anarchist Federation, Manchester No Borders and Roma groups for a solidarity demo against repression of Roma in Italy, taking place in Manchester, Britain in September. All welcome.
Date: Friday 19 September 2008
Time: 11.30am
Place: Italian Consultate. 111 Piccadilly Manchester, M1 2HY.

Previous Roma solidarity demo in Italy on July 2008
Previous Roma solidarity demo in Italy on July 2008

The Anarchist Federation is having a demo on Friday 19th September at the Italian Consulate in Manchester (the day before the big demo at the Labour conference, also Manchester). It's at 11.30am, at 111 Piccadilly Manchester, M1 2HY.

The demo follows serious attacks on Roma people in Italy including physical attacks on camps, threats of fingerprinting of the Roma population (including children) and right-wing/fascist manipulations by Italian politicians & press that are linking Roma people to 'crime' and 'illegal immigration' which is increasing popularist calls for their expulsion from Italy and destruction of Roma camps.

Manchester No Borders & Roma groups in the north-west have already confirmed they will participate.

Please come & bring placards & banners!

PS details of an anarchist/no borders bloc on the Saturday demo are here:
All welcome to this as well.

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