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Rossport Solidarity Camp reborn...

idgaf | 18.08.2008 19:41 | Ecology | Free Spaces | World

Today local residents and people from Rossport Solidarity Camp erected a marquee in Glengad overlooking Shell's new compound.

Just a short distance away from the camps former location the new marquee will provide a base for action against early pipeline work on land and against the pipe laying ship,the Solitaire, when she arrives.

Today after the marquee had been put up people invaded the compound. Activity like this and water based actions will be ongoing over the next few weeks.

New people and a wide array of boats and other water equipment are appearing all the time. The following weeks should be interesting...

Come to Mayo and join in the fun....

Sail and Rail from anywhere in UK to Ballina (nearest town to Rossport) only £35 (aprox)



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