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Carnival Against Vivisection - Transport

Carnival Against Vivisection | 18.08.2008 18:28 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Health | Repression | Birmingham | London

The carnival against Sequani labs is in just under 3 weeks. Looking for transport?

Email the groups below and request that transport is organised, if it hasn't been already.


These contacts usually organise coaches or mini-buses for anti-vivisection national marches, so show enough interest and transport will be organised.

If you have organised transport, please add details below, or include any contacts who might be able to provide some.

Carnival Against Vivisection
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Think as you will

18.08.2008 22:57

There's no harm is asking your regional group for transport on a particular day, if you don't want to mention the Carnival then don't, they'll know what's on the 6th Sept!

Everyone's supporting this now for anyone who hasn't realised it's no longer off topic ;-)

indymedia can't be used in court, it's hearsay

Organising transport is not organising an event

18.08.2008 23:15

Organising transport is not organising an event, this is why. There is nothing illegal, dubious, dodgy or risky in contacting regional groups and London contacts about any transport details.

There is nothing illegal about organising transport to a's because you are promoting the type of police state logic that repression thrives on, not healthy material.


Indymedia has been used in court

18.08.2008 23:43

An article from indymedia was used in court and it resulted in several activists not receiving compensation for money spent attending a trial where they were found innocent. That is why it's important for all activists to be very careful!


Link to transport info

19.08.2008 16:35

Carnival Against Vivisection
- Homepage:

Minibus from Yorkshire

31.08.2008 17:58

There are still places in the minibus to the Sequani Demo next weekend so if you want to go, let us know!

West Yorkshire Hunt Sabs
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