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Videos from Climate Camp 2008

VisionOnTv | 15.08.2008 08:36 | Climate Camp 2008 | Oxford | World

VisionOn ran a live TV studio at Climate Camp.

VisionOn is a new project from Undercurrents and we produced lots of great shows at Climate Camp. Many are online now at and each day we are adding more so check them out, download and show them to your friends and widen the distribution.

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Screening quality versions available for offline work

15.08.2008 12:17

The web video is low-res and not suitable for screenings. To get the full-res versions of all the films you can install our open source VOTV player app which will automatically download the full-res versions for offline viewing and big public screenings.

Make sure you have installed the grassroots channel and then leave your computer on overnight to allow time for films to download. Then choose all the films you want on the grassroots channel and they will then be sitting on your my-videos folder ready for offline screenings - our VOTV player makes a very good tool for public screenings as it supports easy playlist creation. Plug your laptop into a projector, attach some big computer speakers and lets do some outreach – take TV offline (:

For web viewing there is an archive page here for direct linking. Embeds are available for all the individual films/shows and for the whole project at

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