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Campsfield detainees on hunger strike

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Campsfield detainees have been on hunger strike for up to 5 days. The hunger strike was seemingly initiated by 13 Iraqi detainees who were later joined by others of all nationalities. There are fifty detainees on hunger strike at the moment.

The Campaign to Close Campsfield held an emergency demo in solidarity to the hunger strikers Tuesday 12th August at 6pm in front of Campsfield House.
This is the lates of a long series of hunger strikes and protests by detainees in UK's 'Immigration Removal Centres'.

"We are protesting because we are human beings we are not criminals. We are locked in the cell like prisoners we want freedom and justice there are many of us who have family and we have been separated to live with our family"

Media Release
11 August 2008
13 Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers on Hunger strike at
Campsfield Detention Centre Oxford
Fazzel Abdul reported to IFIR that On 9 August at 5pm 13 Kurdish asylum seekers
detained at Campsfield detention centre started a hunger strike. To protest at their
continuing detention.
Fazzel Abdul reported that Kawa one of the asylum seekers had collapsed earlier
today (11 August 08). A doctor was called, but Kawa was not treated and is
continuing the hunger strike.
Fazzel said we are calling:
1. to be released from the detention centre
2. to stop the policy of forcibly deporting Iraqi Kurds
Fazzel said 50 other asylum seekers from around the world also detained in
Campsfield have joined the hunger strike today.

IFIR and CSD Iraq asks that Human and refugee rights campaigners support the
hunger strikers

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees
Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq
11 August 2008 ______________________________________________________________________
IFIR:PO.BOX1575,ILFORD, IG1 3BZ, LONDON UK Tel:0044 7856032991

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