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Information Links & Sources for the (short) war in South Ossetia (2)

iosaf | 12.08.2008 14:09 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | World

First the good news! Russia has ceased operations.

This article will Follow on from the daily updated series of links & sources which began on the 8th of August on the conflict between Georgia & Russia & the aspirations to statehood by both South Ossetia & Abkhazia.

As a bonus extra this article also compiles all IMC UK & IMC Russia pieces which has so far appeared.

8/8/08 - 11/8/08 daily sourced updates & comments :

the website of the South Ossetian information service which launched an appeal for Russian intervention and though not important on a daily basis now is still to be watched for the unfolding verification of genocide claims.

the official news agency of Russia
their main portal
Timeline from the Russian media
Russian langauge South Ossetian pro-independence magazine last updated 2/8/08.
Abkhazian News ( in Russian ) bit of date but offers perspective on EU acceptance of Russian interests in Abkhazia as a legitimate 3rd party & speculated last week on free trade area and South Ossetian independence

the press room of the state of Georgia
their main English title
Tbilisi-based weekly online magazine "Caucaz" in English
Svobodnaya Gruzia (Independent Georgia) in Russian.

IMC Russia

IMC Russia has seen one discussion thread on the war begin.
and one call to sympathy which appears to be copy and paste of the Cominf

The Wikipedia pages

(Wikirage is a page which shows you which entries are receiving the most edits per unique editor over various periods of time).


IMC UK articles which each have comments & are important in that they reflect a chronological flow of info, disinfo and public opinion background noise, this is one of the great worths of indymedia :-

1. "US puppy Georgia provokes war with Russia" by melchert | 08.08.2008 13:40 |

2. "Information Links & Sources for the (short) war in South Ossetia" the first part of this thread

3. " Israel Aids Georgia in Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia" by DEBKAh ttps://

4. "Major Geopolitical crisis looms in ME as world watches Olympics" by afrikaforps

5. "Russia-Georgia conflict: it's about oil...again!" (first cartoon by Latuff)

6. "Bodies are lying everywhere. It’s hell’" by newsbuddy

7. "Russia-Georgia conflict: another cartoon (by Latuff)"

8. " Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia" by Harold

9. "georgia - war London meeting"


IN the first part of this article (A second only appears as the first has left the newswire) I mentioned bibles an diapazam. What might seem total cynicism on my part was actually calculated. By now everyone knows that Russian tanks are rolling through Georgia and nobody can stop them. For a generation who have focussed their global view and activism mostly but not exclusively on Iraq, Afghanistan, perhaps Iran undoubtedly many considering African or Latin American issues - Russia has seemed a rusted giant and curiousity of a now lost age. A generation have come to forget what superpower really means having become used and conditioned to the exercise of such hard power by only one superpower - the USA.

The USA does bibles. They not only make them, having given the world an updated one (the book of mormon) but they read them everyday, make telly, movies and even shortwave radio broadcasts about them. They really like nothing which doesn't fit into their quaint & disturbingly paranoid apocalyptic understanding of scripture.

So just before you reach for the diapazam, what does the land of Georgia where George the dragon slaying patron of England, Portugal, Germany and Catalonia mean to you? Did you know the original dragon was red? All over the praries of the USA, good voting folk have just realised that for years they have justified their hatred of China by thinking it was the red dragon of armageddon.

You can have that diapazam now.


Russia has ordered a ceasefire.

it was never going to be the end of the world & that was obvious by how cynical most commentators and even the beligerent parties were. We have a lot to learn from the disinformation and propaganda as much from our younger generations' reactions to this. They who want a multi-polar world seemed to caught on the hop by how it actually would work.

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