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Climate Campers Continue Search For Missing Teenage Girl Snatched by the Police

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign | 09.08.2008 20:39 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Repression | London | World

The teenage girl illegally assaulted and snatched by the police at the conclusion of the day of mass action at the Camp for Climate Action is still missing.

Photographs of the missing girl have been circulated by the camp legal and media teams and the video of the assault is being shown to all the campers on the site.
Anyone with any information about this extremely disturbing case is requested to get in contact with the climate camp urgently as everyone is worried about the girl's safety and the search is continuing into the night.
Appeals for help are being circulated to all the news media.

The Earth Aid Environmental Campaign
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She has been found !

10.08.2008 10:18

Missing girl reported located. Refused access to solliciters apparently and bailed to return home by tonight. After passing around a bucket, the camp bought her a ticket home.

imc person


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Picture & Video?

09.08.2008 21:11

Picture & Video link?


Any news?

09.08.2008 23:42

Has she been found?


Any proof outside the camp????

10.08.2008 09:08

Has anyone actually got this video? This is a serious allegation, and surely those outside the camp should be informed and the police should be making a statement. This video should be made public


Unbiased facts please

10.08.2008 11:00

What actually happened then? A statement claiming the police actually kidnapped the girl is ludicrous and doesn't help matters. So she was arrested...what made it different from the other arrests? Why was there a search being carried out if people knew she had been arrested?

Oh and she would not have been 'refused access to a solicitor'! That would only happen rarely and in very serious offences and serious circumstances. Love or hate the old bill, this is not the 1970s and Gene Hunt didn't nick her.

I just like to read factual updates, that's all.

Fair bloke

It's happened before..

10.08.2008 11:51

In the past I have been refused access to a doctor whilst in police custody! It was mentioned on the interview tape and suddenly I was released. Went to my doctor the day after and got my injuries (which the police claimed didn't exist but included head injuries) officially recorded.

I've also been refused suitable food (vegan) despite it being a legal requirement.SO don't give us this shit about how fair the police are!

Very Fair Bloke

Yep - me too

10.08.2008 12:11

I was nicked as a teenage in the 1980s on a peace demo and it was pretty scary......;since then I have clocked up a fair few arrests at protests (at least 20?) and have been denied access to both doctors and solicitors. I have also been subject to racist abuse in custody twice as my name is foreign. All of this is supposed to scare us off to intimidate us and scare us.



very fair bloke

10.08.2008 14:16

er....I neither mentioned anything about a doctor or anything about the police being fair lol. So maybe you'd like to take a deep breath, relax, then read my 'shit' again?

fair bloke