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Kayakers arrested in the Medway

rask | 09.08.2008 12:00

A group of eight climate camp kayakers have been intercepted and arrested close to Kingsnorth power station.

The rebel kayakers entered the Medway from a slipway south of Rochester and paddled four miles up the river, almost reaching Kingsnorth power station before being picked up by a police launch



Just given a telling off..

11.08.2008 17:01

The kayakers were picked up by the Police Marine Division using long hooks to grab the kayaks, (a bit like that fairground game with the ducks with hooks on their heads). They were then handed to the Harbour Master who drove them back to a Jetty where they were sternly reprimanded by an Kent police officer and asked their names under Section 50 ( for behaving in an antisocial way).
Their kayaks were taken, but the crew were not held and free to squelch their wetsuited way several miles to pick up dry clothes and have an "action- debrief" in a local pub.



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