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Amber Valley Stop the BNP campaign formed

Stop RWB | 08.08.2008 17:13 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

At a meeting on Wednesday night, residents from across Amber Valley: from Belper, Heanor, Ripley, Codnor and Denby, agreed to form the Amber Valley Stop the BNP group.

BNP not welcome here!
BNP not welcome here!

Amber Valley, and the village of Denby specifically, is to be the site of the BNP's annual Red White and Blue "festival" as it was last year. Then, there was limited opposition to the event from anti-fascists, with only a single protester in attendance. This year a far larger protest is expected with Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP, Antifa England and Unite Against Fascism all organising to oppose the event.

BNP interest in the area is not limited to its utility as a venue. In local elections in May, the far-right party fielded 7 candidates in Amber Valley. Two, Chris Roper and Lewis Allesbrook, successfully won their seats in Heanor East and West respectively, while a third, Paul Snell, came within one vote of taking the Heanor & Loscoe ward.

It is believed that this is the first anti-racist, anti-fascist group dedicated to working to oppose the BNP in the area in many years. Activists from Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP and supporters from Derbyshire had been in Codnor distributing leaflets explaining why they were protesting on Monday and the meeting was attended by Dave Matthews from the campaign to stop the Red White and Blue "festival." Welcoming the formation of the new group, Dave said "if our campaign were to achieve nothing else, it would have been worth it for this alone."

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