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Climate camp - talking to locals

Visitor | 07.08.2008 20:47 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Repression | London

I talked at length to locals near the camp today. Interesting stuff. main point is, they are almost as pissed off with the police as us!

Opinions on the camp were mixed - those with links to the power station (jobs etc) are unsurprisingly the most anti-camp. But many are against the power station expansion - as they pointed out, they are nearest the chimney! The most striking thing was their dislike of the police, who have been strutting around like an invading army, speeding on local roads (a common complaint apparently), and bossing locals about. They are also not fooled by the police smears about weapons, and were disgusted by TV footage of police violence earlier in the week. They are also very sceptical about police fabrications that protestors aim to fell all the pylons! So, all in all, more bad news for the cops.