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Hoo Section 60

A N Other | 07.08.2008 14:34 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Repression | London

Local press claims Section 60 in force on Hoo peninsula

According to Kent Online

'Officers can now stop and search anyone without needing to have reasonable grounds to do so.'

'The extended powers – under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act – are now in place across the Hoo peninsula. It means anyone, including visitors to the area, or residents are subject to a stop and search if requested by a police officer.'

The police are obviously delusional and desperate to prop up their own imaginary world in which they are a thin blue line and the campers are troublemakers. Meanwhile in the real world we face the greatest emergency humans have faced in many thousands of years and the police are doing their best to frustrate those who would do something to face this problem.

A N Other


news article reference

07.08.2008 15:27

(remember you do not have to give your name under a section 60 search)

Stop and search powers extended at climate camp

Police can now stop and search anyone at the Climate Camp for Action in Kent without needing reasonable grounds to do so.

Officers had their powers extended after the command team at the site near Kingsnorth claimed police were still finding people carrying items that could be used as weapons.

Kent Police’s treatment of eco-activists at the camp, who are protesting over E.ON plan to build a new coal power station at the site, has been criticised since the first campers arrived last Thursday.

Bob Marshall-Andrews said the decision to use riot gear, including shields and helmets, was “provocative and heavy-handed”, on Wednesday.

Police said tension had heightened on Thursday due to a “hardcore group” intent on criminal activity.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Beautridge said: “Kent Police has held back from extending stop and search powers since the climate camp protestors arrived but today [Thursday] we have felt it is necessary to put an order in place that covers the whole of the Hoo peninsula.

“So far we have arrested three people for possessing bladed instruments. We’re also finding people who are carrying items that could be used as weapons.

“We want local people to feel safe in the knowledge that we are seizing these items. We have a duty to keep local residents, protestors and our officers safe.”

Police are allowed to extend their stop and search powers under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act.



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