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Bowl Court Evicted This Morning - Call Out For Help

forward | 07.08.2008 09:06 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | London

This morning at 7am, 40 high court bailiffs have evicted the Bowl Court squat in Shoreditch. It is located in Bowl Court which is up Plough Court next to the junction of Great Eastern Street and Shoreditch High Street. Please come around - help needed urgently !

Previous article about the squat:




07.08.2008 13:18

I went there at 1pm the situation was :

- a lot of security around, both sides of the building
- a lot of rental vans - it looks like they might be emptying it
- metal grills have been fixed to all entrances, both sides of the building
- they had running generators outside, going in. Don't know what for.

I didn't see any of the squatters, there was nothing to do so I left.



07.08.2008 19:26

Situation hasn't changed much :

- Metal bars are now on all the windows, on all the floors (including behind the large warehouse doors)
- I counted 8 security guards, all around the building, but I guess there's more

I tried to talk my way in to rescue some stuff, but (unsurprisingly) the security guards were just "doing their job" and couldn't let me in. Nothing else to do, no one else around, so I left again.



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