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Climate Camp - Police Demonstrate Excessive Force At Stop And Searches

forward | 06.08.2008 22:14 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Repression | London

Here is a short video from Kent Online, showing the police using excessive force against a some female climate campers and a legal observer.

Original article:



well done medway messenger reporters blog - good timeline

07.08.2008 12:21

they've been doing a pretty fair job of reporting what's going on at cc, often updated and have included all the main stories so far - def worth checking out:



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Not sure if link is working

06.08.2008 23:22

Here is another link for it though

- Homepage:

Do follow link - works great!

07.08.2008 00:17

I am beginning to warm to this climate camp thing - the Police should have adopted a low-key policing approach instead of coming across all heavy handed and ultraviolent. It serves their overtime cause no purpose whatsoever. They devote so many resources to setting up normal criminals so they can nick them (e.g. cars left unlocked with hidden cameras) why didn't they just wait until the activists did whatever they have planned then just nick each and every one of them, recommend the CPS send them down for years and set back the leadership of the cause for years? Whoever is in charge of the police clearly has not read 'The Art of War' in management training.
Good work climate campers! The efforts are paying off already!

Armchair Coward

Pin Cushions

07.08.2008 08:10

If Police insist on unnecesary stop and searches to deter people from entering the camp
then i personally would put a pin cushion in my bag and make it a little less comfortable for them.


Courtenay Rogers
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No picture

07.08.2008 09:06

Regret I couldnt get the picture,sound was ok .
I'm using Window Mediaplayer.

Why are there so many video player systems around.

Can anyone recomend a free download player thet plays all vids.
I.m always very cautious of down loading new programs in case its infected.

To all at the camp..I Raise my hat.

Ambrose Chapell

Ambrose Chapell

free software downloader and player

08.08.2008 03:58

google and download FreeDownloadManager which will download most files into a downloads folder. Then download VLC media player which will play most media file types. It's worth also getting FLV flash video player for some flash video files.#

Hope this helps

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