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RWB toilet supplier targetted

Derbyshire Antifascists | 03.08.2008 10:57 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | Sheffield

Over the weekend the company who supply portable toilets to the BNP Red White and Blue event were targetted by militant antifascists. All companies who support the RWB can expect to be targetted also. If you make money by helping the BNP, we will cost you money!

STS of Chesterfield, who happily process the BNPs shit (and we all know they are full of it) by servicing the RWB event with portable bogs, had their depot in Pottery Lane East, Chesterfield, targetted. Their gates we locked and glued and the slogan "bnp = shite" graffited.

STS have their office at 47 Rockingham Close Chesterfield S40 1JE, fone 01246 278754 and 07889 832076. Get in contact and tell them what you think of their support of the BNP.

Campaigns against all supporters of the BNP event will continue. We will stop the fascists!

Derbyshire Antifascists


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nice going

03.08.2008 12:33

Anyone know any other suppliers and supporters of the RWB festival?

If there's a target that's based throughout the UK this would be great to know...some of us southern antifascists are looking for some action down here against the scumfest. Or could Bristol Antifa help us out with some alternative info?

Ace job for the action, tertiary targeting is the way forward against the fash.

southern antifascist
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03.08.2008 13:18

Fash bog supplier shat on! Love it!


Stop Picking On Me

03.08.2008 21:43

Please dont ruin my party!

Nick Griffin

What about...

18.08.2008 11:35

....also targetting the people that Alan Warner deals with as a farmer?

I Hate The Fash