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Letters from Austrian Prisoners: Sabine & Leo

antirep | 02.08.2008 18:12 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | World

Second Open Letter from Sabine, July 29th 2008

“It must be strange for all of you to always stand in front of this fortress-like building and never see our faces, never know whether the message comes across at all…:-) But the walls are not that thick because I can hear all of you everytime and realize then how near you all actually are. The wide-reaching and strong solidarity allows me to be strong in here. Your tirelessness allows me also to not grow tired! The letters and reports from solidarity actions all over the world are incredibly impressive! A total pick-me-up. ;-)

I think a lot about my friends. And about my dogs, to whom I can unfortunately not send a letter and who still do not understand why I am suddenly no longer there. Thanks that there are still being so lovingly taken care of!

I miss you all — hang in there! Thanks to everyone. A whole lot of strength,


Open Letter from Leo, July 8th 2008

“I am really happy that I have such caring friends who always thing about me and take care of the necessary things that need to be done, which I unfortunately cannot do myself; and those who continually take the trouble to come visit me — without letters and visits I would be doing much worse in here. Ich hope that everyone knows how much I care about them and how thankful I am and how much joy they bring me.


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