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Fire in French Migrant Detention Centre.

iosaf | 02.08.2008 18:04 | Migration | Other Press | Repression | World

17h30 today a fire broke out within the migrant detention centre at Mesnil-Amelot. Spokespeople for SOS sans-papiers have said they believe there are injured inside the centre. The same collective had been peacefully protesting France's criminalisation of migrant workers this afternoon between 16h00 and18h30.
Meanwhile migrant acitivists in Belgium have stopped their occupation of a scaffold at Béguinage church this afternoon but sporadic occupations of construction cranes continue.

Commercial news coverage (French language)
[leftist leaning]

The migrant camp at Mesnil-Amelot has been scene of clashes between inmates and authorities before, most notably in December 2007, hunger strikes which were reported on IMC UK

Many will remember the events of July this year when a migrant holding camp in Vincennes burned down

See also (for background) a French language timeline of events 2007-2008 at both Vincennes camp and Mesnil-Amelot


Belgium news (French language) on end of church scaffold occupation

Background from German rightwing magazine "Speigel" in English language with photographs of ongoing construction crane occupations by migrant workers in Belgium,1518,569299,00.html

there will be an update on today's fire and the injured involved or hopefully better "escapes" as soon as anything appears.