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Is the camp ready?

Orange Group | 01.08.2008 13:29 | Climate Camp 2008

Need an update on when to come

Can anybody update on the current state of the camp - we can't bring the younger kids if there aren't toilets etc.

Orange Group


toilets etc

01.08.2008 14:50

when i left the camp yesterday afternoon just before the raid there were toilets set up, a kitchen was up and running, several structures were up and water was being brought onto site in containers. The water board were making a connection right by the main entrance. hope that helps


from today's timeline

01.08.2008 16:10

16:30 - The atmosphere at the camp is calm. People are working hard on the setting up. Erecting marquees and building toilets. The local council has instructed the water board to install a water supply at the entrance of the camp. Today was also the first day for the media to come on site and be shown around. Some police continue to walk around, escorted by people from the camp. At the moment people are randomly searched. Vehicles are given a more thorough check over.

Full timeline:

imc er

on site now

01.08.2008 23:44

I am on site now. All essentials in place, internet, wireless, beer, comfy sofas (london rocks), central kitchen doing meal, some toilets, and running water on tap. All is good. Cops still be tossers taking stuff like hose pipe, a hammock, two flowers, stripy socks, my laptop lock and low loss coaxial microwave cable worth £100. There seems little rhyme nor reason about what they choose to take. There searches can be quite thorough but mostly not, careless and shoddy would best describe it so clearly just about pissing us off and frustrating progress on camp.

watching shooting stars

update saturday afternoon

02.08.2008 15:10

Slow progress but there is progress. Water reaching many more parts of site. More structures going up. Been difficult due to cops taking stuff but we're getting there. Weather good. Ground dry. (note: was cold last night, reasonable bedding a good idea.)