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Activists beaten by locals on the first night of the Camp for Climate Action

camp media team | 31.07.2008 10:22 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Globalisation

Peace broke out on the Hoo Peninsula yesterday evening, as a local youth football team met the Camp for Climate Action under the no-mans land of Kingsnorth Power Station. When the opponents of local football team Deansgate Ridge failed to turn up, people from the climate camp hastily assembled a makeshift team so that the match could go ahead, but were soundly thrashed 7-1 by the fancy footwork of the Hoo Peninsula’s finest.

“A good kickabout was a wonderful way to be welcomed by local residents,” said Andrea Purser who was in midfield for the camp. “We may have lost the match to Deansgate Ridge today, but we will definitely be on the winning side a week on Saturday when we shut Kingsnorth down.”

After about 100 campers occupied the site at 3 PM yesterday, work went on into the evening to erect three marquees and get the central kitchen functioning. The camp has also been in communication with the lease-owner of the land and has reached an understanding and allayed their concerns. The police have so far had a minimal presence and have not crated problems for the camp.

“The kitchen is up and running, so the kettle is on and everyone is welcome to come down for a brew and see for themselves what we’re up to,’ said Tony Carruthers, who had spent the entire evening digging in ecological plumbing for the waste water of the central kitchen.

The camp has been sited less than a mile away from Kingsnorth Power Station, and has been chosen as location that will cause minimal disruption to the local community.

“The site is in a perfect location,” said Nina Janjuah. “We’re far enough away so that we’re not going to cause any disruption to the local people, but still within easy striking distance for when we shut the power station down on Saturday week.”

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