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Climate Camp land taken

mini mouse | 30.07.2008 15:16 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos

Climate Camp successfully occupied the site for next weeks Climate Camp near Kingsnorth next week.

The site is in a beautiful location with clear views of the power station to the north east.

More pictures and report later.




mini mouse


Activists take site for the Camp for Climate Action and reveal location

30.07.2008 16:24

***For Immediate Release***

30 July 2008

Activists take site for the Camp for Climate Action and reveal location

100 people entered and secured an uncultivated field at Deansgate Ridge at 3.00pm today, only 1 km from Kingsnorth Power Station. They erected and climbed tripods to prevent police from moving them and have erected a marquee alongside a banner which reads ‘No New Coal’.

Although the climate camp activists have been upfront and open about most aspects of their plans, the location of the camp had not been revealed until today in order to prevent E.ON and the police from attempting to stop it from happening. The uncultivated field is on a road that runs between Hoo St Werburgh and High Halstow. The Camp for Climate Action intends to return the field in two weeks in as good, if not better, condition than it was found.

Around 20 sheep were in the field when it was occupied. They have been rounded up and are being taken care of with food and water.

The camp, which is due to officially start on Sunday, 3 August, is expected to attract thousands of people coming from all over the UK. The week long camp hosts hundreds of workshops on sustainable living and the politics of climate change. The camp will culminate on Saturday 9 August in a mass direct action to shut down Kingsnorth power station on protest over E.ON’s plans to build the first new coal-fired power station in the UK for 33 years.

“We want to warmly invite people from the local community to come down and see for themselves what the camp is all about,” said Terry Graves, who has already pitched his tent up in the field.

“E.ON and the government believe that you can have endless fossil-fuelled economic growth in a world of finite resources,” said Christina Greensford, who helped to secure the camp. “People from all over the UK are here to create a democratic, low-carbon society in which our long term future on this planet is prioritised over the short term profit margins of the fossil fuel industry.”

“We have a future to protect, and today, in setting up the climate camp, we’ve drawn a line in the sand at Kingsnorth.” said Hannah Abbots. “We will not allow companies like E.ON drag us over the edge of climate catastrophe.”

Press can contact Conor O’Brian at 07530 306267 who is on site and arrange interviews, either over the phone or on the perimeter of the site.

Press can also contact the media team, who are not currently on site, at 07772 861 099

A press advisory will be shortly issued giving information as to when the first media tours of the camp will take place.

*** Ends ***

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keen to travel?

30.07.2008 20:56

gives details on how tot get to the camp by train and bus

sourcey monkey


31.07.2008 12:17

check out for all directions. there is also a number to call there if you need it.



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30.07.2008 16:24

shut it down

take the power back

Well done everyone!

30.07.2008 19:47

You lovely lovely people, well done! Look forward to being there next week x


how do I get there?

30.07.2008 20:32

HI, plannig to come down tomorrow afternoon to help with set-up, but been struggling to work out how to get there from Strood train station.

A grid reference would be really useful and if you have info on which bus to take to where that would be grand.

See you there


Something in the air...

30.07.2008 20:58

This is so good.
Well done people.
Don't think i will be able to sleep tonight, the excitement is rising, climate camp magic in the summer air.


West Mids camper

PC Comment

30.07.2008 22:11

Is there an overtime code yet??

PC Comment

Code 1312

02.08.2008 22:13

Try and stay in the saddle this year mate, you might enjoy it more!

Under starters orders....... Porky's Nag looks jumpy, she's bumping the stalls..... aaaaand they're off!

Good luck to all the campers, don't let the dirty peepers get you down!


Not quite the 'White Horse' Cup Final eh?

Thatcher's little helpers

07.08.2008 09:07

Thatcher didn't like coal either, and she loved the nuclear industry. Why are you people targeting coal when you should be targeting nuclear?