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Protest against the abuse of asylum seekers in Leeds.

Leeds No Borders | 21.07.2008 12:18 | Migration

A demonstration was held outside Waterside Court Home Office Reporting Centre in Leeds on Friday in response to a report published on Monday 14th July outlining 300 cases of abuse by immigration staff.

The report 'Outsourcing Abuse' provides vast amounts of evidence highlighting the violence used against asylum seekers by UK immigration staff. The medical Justice website states that the report 'describes an alarming number of injuries sustained by asylum deportees at the hand of private “escorts” contracted by the Home Office. It reveals evidence of widespread and seemingly systemic abuse of vulnerable people who have fled their own countries seeking safety and refuge, and that assault claims have largely been brushed off by the Home Office'.

Dianne Abbot MP has described it as “one of the most shocking reports about our immigration system that I have seen in 20 years as a Member of Parliament. The report "Outsourcing Abuse" catalogues the frightening state-sponsored violence that happens to asylum-seekers when they are being deported”

The protest coincided with a PCS Union strike among Immigration Staff calling for more pay (to facilitate dawn raids, detention and forced deportations?). No members of the Union however picketed their work place so it was left to our demonstration to highlight the abuses that take place on a daily basis at Waterside Court.

Asylum seekers coming to Waterside face the prospect of being torn from their families, friends, partners, schools and colleges. They face being held indefinitely in ‘Removal Centres that are becoming synonymous with inhumane treatment and high levels of self harm.

The majority of asylum seekers have no access to adequate legal support. They are denied the right to work, are forced to live in inadequate housing and face the prospect of dawn raids, detention, deportation and destitution.

All are welcome to join our regular protests outside the Home Office on Kirkstall Road.

Leeds No Borders
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Photo of Waterside Court

21.07.2008 17:36

Pics from Friday demo. No striking PCS members seemed to want to picket their work place but their posters came in handy to put up quotes from the 'Outsourcing Abuse' report.

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