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Letter from Austrian Prisoner: Christoph

antirep | 20.07.2008 18:22 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | World

Open letter from Christoph, July 7th 2008
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Dear friends, dear solidary people! It’s been over one and a half months that officers of a special force unit arrested me with pointed guns out of my bed. Since then I am, like three other animal welfare/rights activists, in pre-trial detention in “Justizanstalt Wr. Neustadt” [prison].

I pass my time with reading a lot, doing some sport in the little cell, watching TV (Simpsons!) and reading more. Reading gives me the feeling to utilize time usefully, to study further instead of just killing boredom. Furthermore I spend a lot of time reading my mail again and again and answering it. So far I have received letters and postcards from lots of different people worldwide which made very happy and gave me a lot of strength!

It’s great to hear what’s going on outside, what occupies you, how you spend your day. This helps to fight the isolation, the separation, exactly what repression aims at.

On this way thanks to everyone who has written me so far! Please don’t be angry if I don’t answer all the letters - I really get a lot of mail.

Despite all the inconveniences by the painful disconnection from all those I love that mean everything to me, it gives me a great lot of strength to know so many people behind me. It gives me courage to hear from so many solidarity-manifestations, -demos, -parties, open discussions etc. that deal with “our” subject. Your solidarity and often very practical support is noticeable here in the can in lots of little situations every day and definitely make a big difference for me.

For that I thank you a great many times and wish you, like all other imprisoned animal welfarists and animal rights activists, a lot of energy further on!

Love, Christoph

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