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Kentucky Fried Cruelty...

Alex C | 18.07.2008 22:12 | Animal Liberation | Globalisation | Health | Sheffield

To highlight the incredible suffering inflicted on millions of animals by KFC, including a staggering 960,000 chickens every hour, the Nottingham Animal Rights crew spent a productive Thursday evening leafletting outside KFC.

The public response was overwhelmingly and encouragingly positive - many passers-by were keen to applaud our efforts, and one KFC customer entered the restaurant with leaflet in hand, only to promptly re-emerge having read the facts! The old and young, vegetarians, vegans, neither were all loud and clear. The word out on the street is Kentucky Fried Cruelty just isn't cool.

Despite two passers-by, whom we presume to be high-ranking officials of the (possible non-existent) Kentucky Fried Chicken Appreciated Society, valiantly trying to perturb our efforts with cunning comebacks including 'Kentucky Fried Nice' and '*unintelligible noise*' we look forward to similar events in the future to get the real deal out to the lovely, compassionate folks of Nottingham.

NEXT DEMO: Thursday 31st July, meet at Lions in Market Sq. at 17.50. Be there or be square!

Peace, love and compassion

Alex C
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And a picture for your viewing pleasure...

20.07.2008 06:09

Nottingham Animal Rights leaflet outside KFC to get the facts out to the good people of Nottingham!

Alex C
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KFC action.

21.07.2008 10:47

Good work on the KFC front!

I have heard that these chickens are kept in the same conditions as the supermarket ones. DISGUSTING!

I have a guilty secret though...

A friend of mine had 'access' to some of the colonels secret recipe - have you ever tried parsnips or carrots 'cooked the colonels way'?

Don't suppose anyone knows if it is vegan/vegetarian???

Keep up the good work


New KFC in Sneinton

01.08.2008 09:25

Don't know if you know, but a brand new KFC is currently being built on the site of the old Magpie pub on Daleside road. It is going up at a rate of knots at the moment.

NCC refused planning permission for this last year, but they have obviously changed something/ paid off someone.

The first many Sneinton residents knew was when the Magpie pub was pulled down. The pub itself has some local history with it being a regular pre match meeting point for both Forest and County fans.

Shame it wil now just be a meeting place for chavs, litter and crap food.

Chicken choke