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Sean Kirtley's Appeal Launched

Free Sean | 16.07.2008 16:11 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Repression

From the Ledbury Report, 11th July

ANIMAL rights protestor Sean Kirtley has launched an appeal against a four and a half year prison sentence. He was found guilty in May for his part in a prolonged protest campaign against Sequani of Ledbury.

The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that Kirtley, from Malvern, lodged his appeal on Friday, June 20.

The appeal is still to be heard, but it was widely reported in national newspapers this week that Kirtley, aged 42, has claimed that the judge who sentenced him should not have heard the case, because of his personal interest in blood sports.

Kirtley's solicitor, Mike Schwarz, could not be contacted at the time of going to press.

But his London-based office confirmed that Mr Schwarz was handling the Kirtley case.

Mr Schwarz is one of the best-known human rights solicitors in the UK.

He advises and trains campaign groups such as Greenpeace, CND and Amnesty on criminal and public order law.

His web-site also states: "He acts for political activists and campaigners on issues such as the environment, animal rights, race and social justice."

Kirtley was found guilty at the end of one of the longest animal rights trials in legal history.

Speaking at the end of the 18-week long trial on May, Detective Dave Williams of West Mercia Police said that Kirtley was a dedicated animal rights activist who had organised a sustained campaign against Sequani "with the ultimate aim of closing the company down".

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16.07.2008 19:59

So where does that leave anyone who choses to protest against state oppression of conscience and ethical values, without the right of freedom of thought,without the right to express ones views,to hold beliefs,to impart ones point of view to others? The Right To A Fair Trial ? No it leaves the U.K. outside of basic human rights not just in europe but in international law. Our freedoms fought for by our forbears however small, must be fought for once again,and stop this tide of oppression we have faced and are facing.
You take rights away from animals
and you are but one step away from,
as you have taken from innocence for gain,
taking away the structure of civilized society.
Profit at all cost to all animal( life
needs to be resisted and this is what we get from an elected body,Shit.
There needs to be some serious planning before the next general election,we need our voices in the commons.We need funds to campaign.We need to break the profit at any cost structure and most importantly we need to break the monopoly of lawyers/religion/f.m`s of the commons,try.


His picture won't win him support

17.07.2008 11:32

Do you think using a picture of him giving the Vs will win him support and sympathy?


Support Sean for the Carnival

18.07.2008 22:10

Yes i do

Re: Ears