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Raymond James Protest after SHAC march

PC Bacon | 16.07.2008 13:38 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | London

We were passing through the city of London's square mile and decided to do a spontaneous demo...

On the back of a good march and demo in Peterborough and HLS on Saturday, we did a low-key demonstration outside Raymond James on 77 Cornhill, where just three of us held banners and leafletted passers-by, shaming this greedy company. We only stayed for an hour and a half, but it was enough for a city worker who was walking by to tell us 'Raymond James: they're all really horrible people.'

Obviously an ex-worker. An interesting insight that doesn't surprise us: they're paying for animal torture inside Huntingdon Life Sciences!! If they didn't like our demo today, just wait for Friday!! Make your presence felt and heard outside the allies of HLS.

PC Bacon
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