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SHAC Report from Demo in Peterborough

PC Bacon | 16.07.2008 00:07 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Cambridge

On Saturday 12th July, we held a march through Peterborough, followed by the demo outside HLS, Alconbury, Cambs.

Pictures: (scroll past a few additions)

People started gathering at Stanley Recreation Ground in Peterborough from 11:00am, the mood of the campaigners against HLS was strong and determined. With information stalls and lovely vegan food and the first of the speakers Ronnie Lee, who talked about animal experimentation, anti-vivisection campaigns of SHAC and SPEAK and animal right prisoners. We were then ready for the march around the city centre.

Protesters and interested locals took to the streets of Peterborough to voice their anger and outrage at their ongoing concern about the controversial Huntingdon Life Science (HLS) laboratories at Alconbury, just south of Peterborough off the A1. The march was organised as Peterborough is on HLS's doorstep and we wanted to put the issue of HLS's cruel track record back into the minds and hearts of local people.

300 people, armed with banners and placards made their way through Peterborough's city centre, while on looking passers-by and shoppers stopped to take leaflets and listened to our chants, which could be heard around the city. 'Close down HLS' was demanded by the compassionate, determined crowd as they weaved their way down Broadway into the busy Cathedral Square.

A large banner with the words "Huntingdon Life Sciences – Animal Killers – Close Them Down" was stretched across the front line of the march, so no one in Peterborough that saw or heard the march were left in no doubt about why we were there. During the march we had a positive response from the people of Peterborough. This demo was a vibrant, uplifting experience. Seeing protesters and members of the public joined together against a common foe and to speak up for those who couldn't.

We marched back to Stanley Ground via Brook Street, where we got back into our transport and drove the short distance down the A1 to the gates of HLS - which is hell for animals that are imprisoned there. Where 500 animals are killed every single day. About 70,000 animals are waiting to die and over 170,000 being tortured and killed in Alconbury,Occold in Suffolk and in New Jersey in the USA every year, these disgusting places must stop their animal torture and we'll NEVER stop until that happens!

We then had a very positive, very angry demo outside the gates of HLS on Woolley Road and HLS can not be left in any doubt that no matter what their government lackeys try to do to stop us, we will not go away, we will not have our voices silenced by their draconian laws. We have right on our side and compassion, and that will always be a stronger force for good than their self interest in keeping such vile places open, just for quick profit!

There were speakers at HLS; John Curtin talked about HLS and the history of protests against them, what animals are 'experimented' on there behind the high fences and razor wire and about our compassion, strength and determination to carry on this fight to the end.

Lynn Sawyer talked about HLS and Sequani, including the latest farcical, bias court cases against peaceful animal protesters and Luke Steel talked about police repression and NETCU, who are trying (in more ways than one) to disrupt our legitimate protests and our right to freedom to protest.

Alan from London talked about the SHAC campaign in the heart of London and of the successes and future direction of protests against HLS financial allies.

We then had a minute’s silence, to pay our respects to the animals that have and will suffer inside HLS and other vivisection hell-holes around the world. We then carried on a very loud, focused and angry demo until about 5:30pm, when we dispersed after a good positive day where we all pledged to carry on campaigning even harder against HLS, until it ultimately closes.

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