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The Festival of Useful Openings....

Bowl Court Social Centre | 15.07.2008 13:29 | Free Spaces | London

we're looking to have some fun this week and maybe even learn a thing or two. Bowl Court Social Centre thus brings you the Festival of Useful Openings taking place until Thursday 17th July. Come along play some ping pong, have a bike ride
or attempt to make a rocket stove, it's your choice. And if there's
nothing on the menu you fancy why not suggest something else?

Programme of Events;

sometime in the afternoon; pool table making
7pm until we have clean clothes; Pedal Powered Washing Machine workshop

All Day & into the night; the perfect combination of Punk 'n' Ping Pong
Sometime in the afternoon; kite flying
6pm; Meet Your Neighbours - radical bike tour of the city

All Day; Juggling workshop
Sometime in the afternoon; Rocket Stove making
8ish; Freeze the City - DJ Freeze the resident fridge soundsystem fancies a stoll in to the outside world, bring your dancing shoes and come keep it company :)

That is all that is planned as of yet, but if you have any ideas for
other events, drop us a line at or just come

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