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Letters from Austrian Prisoners: Jan & Sabine

antispeciesist | 12.07.2008 14:46 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Repression | World

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Second public letter from Jan from prison, beginning of July 2008

Comment: More and more chicanery: Jan was not allowed to hold the letter onto the glass pane, so that it could not get copied. Dictating the letter would have taken very much of the visiting time, which was already short anyway, so we were only advised of catchwords that are conformed to this letter. That means this is not verbatim Jan's letter, just in respect of content.

"By now I am already under arrest for more than a month. And the only "cause" is my political commitment. The analogy to the repression of the movement against G8 is highly visible. A fortiori I am happy that so many people protest the upcoming G8 summit in Hokkaido in so many ways again this year. Thus I'd like to give all of them my regards, especially the ones who become victims of repression again or already got restrained.

I feel very happy about the solidarity that is shown and the actions that take place, especially the anti repression demo at june 21st, including the climbing campaign in Mariahilfer street, the more so as other different forms of governmental repression and governmental racism (at Marcus Omofuma memorial) were picked out as a central theme with this. I am also looking forward to the solidarity avowal in the course of the protests against Escada, the 4th of june in Münster.

I am receiving letters from many different people - even when it takes quite a long time (up to 4 weeks!) until they really arrive at me (I guess somebody's reading them over my shoulder, tststs...).

Much love to the animal rights festival in Bremgarten (from which somebody sent me a very cool picture postcard), as well as to all the supporters who peg away and do everything to get us out of this situation. A huge thank you to the people who take care of our dogs and rats as well. And my regards to the other political activists I regrettably cannot keep in touch with directly.

I bear you in mind - together we'll make it!

Until every cage and every prison is empty...



Public letter from Sabine from prison, end of July 2008

Hello, dear all.
Thus a small sign of life from me and first of all a huge thank you for your wonderful support. It is good to know that so many people keep me in mind and it gives me a lot of energy here.

Being isolated from my social environment, my friends and family, being separated from my dogs who vainly wait for me every day, is a horrible feeling. But I try to think positive and it calms me down to know that the animals are doing well. A special thank you to the dear persons who look after Amigo, Leia and the rats, take care of them emotionally and financially and do everything to make them feel better in this difficult situation. Thank you for all the encouraging letters, postcards and photos, and I feel happy every time I hear you demonstrate in front of the jailhouse. You are amazing and I wish you further on a lot of power and stamina.

I keep you in mind, see you soon.