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NO!G8 cafe in London

bowl court social centre | 06.07.2008 19:55 | G8 Japan 2008 | Free Spaces | London

as most are aware the 7th-9th July sees the G8 meeting for another round of bollocks by Lake Toya in Hokkaido, Japan. To coincide with this Bowl Court Social Centre brings you film and info nights....

As well as screening all the footage we can get our hands on from Japan every day the following will also be taking place;

Monday: info and report on the International Day of Action Against the G8 which took place last Saturday

Tuesday: discussion on the problems experienced by activists when entering Japan and other repression leading up to the G8

Wednesday: screening of ‘What Would it Mean to Win?’ including footage from Heiligendamm during the G8 last year, animation and interviews with discussion on issues raised within. See,en_GB/ for more info.

Vegan food will be provided along with tea and coffee from 7pm onwards, then footage and discussion will take place from 8pm each night.

bowl court social centre
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Bowl Court address is..

06.07.2008 22:36

6 Bowl Court, Plough Yard, off junction of Shoreditch High Street and Great Eastern Street.
Bowl Court Social Centre is the only building in the tiny cobble street of Bowl Court. You will find it off Plough Yard which is next to the Drunken Monkey at the junction of Shoreditch Hight St and Great Eastern Street.

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