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New Social Center Opens / Frome Squatters' Network

Innocent Dave | 06.07.2008 17:26 | Free Spaces

The new Social Center in Frome, a short ways south of Bath, is hosting it's first public event this Thursday - the first meeting of the Frome Squatters' Network!

The Frome Autonomous Zone a large house on Somerset Road, Frome, which aims to become a fully functioning Social Center as soon we get our acts together. We can offer meeting and arts spaces and are working on a music room.

The center is at 36, Somerset Road, near the junction with Weymouth Road. Just look for the huge banner and the red and black flag fluttering proudly from the roof!

The Frome Squatters' Network
...aims to connect with squatters and everyone interested in squatting, in order to create a social, political and practical network for the promotion of squatting in the Frome area. If you're in the area and looking to squat, drop by - there's plenty of empties to go round!

The meeting begins at 7pm.

No Cops - No Journos - No Fash

Innocent Dave
- e-mail: Innocent.Dave.UK at google mail dot com


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ha ha your famous mate

07.07.2008 10:51

'Innoccent Dave' the story of how you got your name has spread through the anarchist movement!


Bill Stickers

i wonder??

07.07.2008 14:42

i woinder how i got my nickname and its not becuase i have been to prison , shackles,
could it be we are all in chains and not no it?????