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Dissident Island Tonight - A bit of a G8 special

Dissident Werewolf | 04.07.2008 17:21 | G8 Japan 2008 | Globalisation | Migration | Technology | London | World

No Borders ... World Development Movement ... Bicycle Sound Systems ... Hillbilly Music

Yes yes, t'is that time again! Dissident Island this fortnight has failed to bag itself a yank to celebrate the 4th of July so instead we'll be letting off fireworks inside the studio and playing loud and obnoxious hillbilly music in a bit to lure and passing USAites in to do a bit of talkin.

Aside from all that we've got two different groups in talking to us about the G8 with the WDM giving us a bit of an overview and London No Borders talking about upcoming mobilisations aginast the G8 in the UK.

We'll also be having a bit of a chat about bike powered sound systems, what they are and how to build them, listen keenly to that one. Finishing the show off on the wheels of steel will be Delsa (who some of you may have seen at our party) playing some tasty dustep treats.

As usual, the show starts at 9 and you can listen by clicking the 'Listen Live' button on our website. The show will be available for download from Sunday if you can't tune in tonight

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