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Activist arrested for writing in the ground

NETCU WATCH | 03.07.2008 12:35 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Animal Liberation | Health | Repression

An activist was arrested today for criminal damage. It is alleged that she wrote something in the earth as she and her friends sat outside Sequani on a Sunday chatting. We are told that one person held a BUAV banner there was no shouting.

Despite this activists were outnumbered 3 to 1 with 2 Evidence Gatherers filming them constantly. After an hour the activists went off to the Malvern Hills for tea and cake, some even walked up to the beacon whilst Sequani called in security staff from their days off and demanded an outrageously exaggerated police presence. Is it possible that they are jealous that we had a better day than they did and that they are a bit grumpy as a result?

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03.07.2008 18:48

Should get a lovely settlement for Wrongful Arrest on this, kerrrching!!
Round of applause for idiot coppers of the week!