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Tonight - Sequani Trial Talk

lamoo | 03.07.2008 11:11 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | London

The accused in the biggest and scariest poitical trial in recent memory talk about their experiences and what they have learned, tonight, 7pm at the LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES

A talk and discussion about the sequani trial, where 12 peaceful protesters were arrested under the draconian SOCPA legislation for protesting outside an animal testing lab with banners. No violence, no threats, one was a lady in her 60s.

The 20 week trial was blacked out from the mainstream media and sean kirtley, who updated the website was convicted and sentenced to 4 and a half years.

Come and find out how this legislation could be used against any activist...

Vegan food provided

Tonight (Thursday 3rd July)
62 Fieldgate St
E1 1ES

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