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Squatted social centre eviction

brightonsquatter | 03.07.2008 09:05 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | South Coast

Police and bailiffs battered their way through the barricades to evict the squatted social centre at 88 London Road, Brighton.

At the time of writing there are still two people inside the old methodist church, in a net suspended from the high ceiling. Bailliffs have taken a scaffold tower in to get them down.
At around 7.30, High Court bailiffs and masses of police came and broke the door down (with some difficulty) despite being told there was someone locked to the other side. Climbing bailiffs came on the roof. They kicked around 20 people out onto the street without their possesions.
The squatted church has been used for a variety of events since it was first opened for the Days of Action for Squatting and Autonomous Spaces back in February. There have been film showings, educational workshops, community action meetings, free cafes and a small photography exhibition, for example. A possession order was granted weeks ago but the eviction was successfully evicted the first time. This time they have come better prepared, determined this building will stand empty again.
Do pop down to London Road if you're in Brighton! Watch this space for the next squat project in Brighton.



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